About me

I am a 23-year-old student of Journalism at the University of Westminster in Harrow, London. I am attending this Master course but I graduated in February 2011 in Interpretation and Translation at my city’s university; you know how things go, sometimes you have to make some changes to your life, otherwise you stop becoming interested in it.

My studies have always been oriented to foreign languages, starting from English through French, German, and then Spanish and Chinese at the university; I think in the future I will undertake a Russian course, but it is quite early to say that, at the moment.

My final dissertation was a comparison between two Chinese student movements: the first one happened in 1919, whereas the second one is the sadly-famous Tiananmen protest; I highlighted the differences but, most of all, the points in common between them, and the result was that we know very little about the Eastern World. We know mostly what the media want us to know. Almost no one is aware of what led to the Tiananmen protest, or what the 1919 Movement means for China. I tried to explain these facts also in relation to the Arab Spring that was undergoing in those weeks of February which were, in fact, student protests.

I am not able to put myself into one or another category: I studied to be an interpreter and a translator, and I have to admit it was pretty exciting, learning the secrets behind a good simultaneous translation, the techniques to work on an article or a piece of literature… and things were starting to get interesting, as far as work is concerned. Now, I am involved in this new adventure; who knows where I am going to end, or what will be of me in one year’s time. I have already met people from all around the World, and, I am sure, I am going to meet other.

There are some similarities between the two branches of study; for example, the contact with the others is fundamental both in a good interpretation and in a good interview, or the fact that you have to keep being up-to-date about the World you live in. Furthermore, they have already started talking about working as a freelance, which sounds quite good to me, since I would like to be an independent writer, translator or whatever I am going to do. I would prefer to rely on myself, despite all of the complications that this fact brings.

I am sure this year is going to be exciting; this is what I am able to say so far!


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